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MPLS Leased Line Network

Get a quote to connect sites locally, nationally or overseas across an MPLS network. We can also advise on the best MPLS solution for your business. Contact us or just fill out our quick quote tool to start receiving quotes and comparing pricing instantly.

Leased Line Alternative

EFM is a cheaper alternative to the standard leased line. EFM is an always on symmetrical service that is uncontended and delivered over copper rather than fibre. In some cases an EFM connection can be up to 60% less than standard connections with faster install times.

Internet Leased Line

Receive quotes from the UK’s leading leased line providers for speeds ranging from 1mbps to 1gbps. Connections offer- Uncontended speeds, 100% availability, flexible bandwidth (only pay for what you need) and a Variety of resilience options to protect your service.


What are our Customers saying about us?

  • Thanks to data compare I was able to save almost 50% against my existing leased line just by switching to an efm connection.
    Thomas McKenna − RM Technologies
  • I found the best price in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Thank you data compare.
    Martin Saunders − Instant Cash Payday
  • Thanks for all your help and advice on our new MPLS network. We were very impressed at the speed at which all the quotes were received and the costs.
    M Knott, IT manager